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Pterygium Removal With Grafting

As part of the aging process  and exposer to sun and other environmental irritations, some people can develop a raised,  cream to yellowish-brown colored  growth on the conjunctiva, or white part of the eye.  This growth is benign and is usually found on the surface of the conjunctiva nearest the nose.  This defect, called a pinguecula, is composed of degenerated elastic tissue and is more common in people who live near the equator.  Most pingueculae do not grow and are usually not removed.  If the growth extends into the cornea,  vision can be affected or the growth can irritate the eye.  At this point the growth is referred to as a pterygium.

Pterygium removal is done on an out-patient basis under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.  Because the risk of regrowth is so high, Dr. Baker performs a procedure which involves taking a graft of healthy conjunctival tissue and replacing the bad tissue. Patients typically wear a patch until they are seen the following day. Are you seeking an eye surgeon in Little Rock Arkansas that can diagnose and treat pterygium. If so please be sure to contact us for en eye examination.

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