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Laser Treatment for Retinal Holes and Tears

The retina, located in back or posterior part of the eye, is a thin lining which contains nerve tissue that converts images from the optical system of the eye to nerve impulses that are then transmitted to the brain.  A retinal tear is a hole that forms in this lining.  Tears can form as part of a normal aging process as the vitreous or gel type substance in the eye shrinks, pulling away from the retina.  Trauma to the eye can also cause a retinal tear.  People who have a high degree of nearsightedness are more prone to develop retinal tears due to the shape of the eye.

Retinal TearIf left untreated, retinal tears will almost always progress into a retinal detachment.  Dr. Baker treats retinal tears with a laser by placing several laser spots around the existing hole. This procedure is called a laser retinopexy.  The laser spots create scar tissue around the hole helping to keep the retina in place.

Your eye will be dilated for the procedure.  A numbing drop is applied. A small pinching sensation may be felt as the laser fires.  It is very important to remains still during the procedure.  Depending on the size of the tear, your treatment will normally take 5 to 15 minutes. After your procedure, a mild discomfort may be noticeable but easily treated with ibuprofen. 

It is very important to report any of the following symptoms immediately:
    •    increase in flashes or floater
    •    pain which is not relieved by ibuprofen
    •    decrease in vision
    •    feeling like a dark curtain is coming across your vision


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