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Cataracts Self-Test

Do you have trouble with any of the following?

  1. Reading small print such as medicine bottle labels, a telephone book, or food labels
  2. Reading a newspaper or book
  3. Reading large-print books large-print newspapers or numbers in a phone book
  4. Recognizing people when they are close to you
  5. Seeing steps, stairs, or curbs
  6. Reading traffic signs, street signs, or store signs
  7. Doing fine handwork like sewing, knitting, crocheting, or carpentry
  8. Writing checks or filling out forms
  9. Playing games such as bingo, dominos, or card games
  10. Taking part in sports such as golf, bowling, or tennis
  11. Cooking
  12. Watching TV
  13. Driving during the day OR night

If you said yes to any or perhaps several of these questions these could be indications that you have developed a cataract in one or both eyes. Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in adults over 55. A cataract is a cloudy film that develops over the eye's lens that thickens as it ages; further and further decreasing your eyesight.


At Baker Eye Institute in Conway, cataract surgery has benefited countless patients whose vision was fading, many who were nearly blind. Our experienced cataract surgeon, Dr. David Littleton Baker, can help reintroduce you to a world of clear vision. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about cataract surgery and the difference in IOLs.

If you live in the Conway or Little Rock, Arkansas region and would like further information about cataract surgery, schedule a vision consultation at Baker Eye Institute today. We pride ourselves on offering the latest advances in cataract surgery, including premium lens technology.


Providing excellence in eye care for over 18 years, Baker Eye Institute offers advanced treatment for medical and surgical diseases of the eye and eyelid. Dr. Baker helps restore the vision for patients throughout the state with an advanced no-stitch cataract surgery. You likely know someone who has already had the procedure done and is enjoying their renewed vision.


Schedule your eye care appointment with Baker Eye Institute by simply filling out our online form. For your convenience we have provided patient forms online so that you may print them and fill them out prior to your appointment.


Baker Eye Institute values the importance of vision. We have taken great length to provide our patients with Financing Options so that their vision doesn't become a burden to their lifestyle.